hungrier than most.

every saturday morning , we offer the perfect breakfast meal! A generous serving of porridge, a hearty, a salad, and a fruit combination that will satisfy the hungriest of appetites.

Come hungry, leave full!



a hearty is the side that will stick to your ribs, per se!  typically, it's a made from a starch but a good source of energy providing calcium, vitamin B, and carbohydrates.  but do not be alarmed, this hearty will not topple your calorie count. trust me!

salad for breakfast?

fresh and clean! salads are not just for lunch, dinner, or even an appetizer, it can be a major source of fiber, calcium, vitamin C, and all the other good green stuff you benefit from when eating raw vegetables!



sweet, colorful, and juicy! our fruit combinations are unique and delicious. from a citrus mix with mint to gingerly pears, it's so much more than peeling and eating an orange!