...fall in love again... with passion (almond). Nutty, sweet, and "mmmm mmm good". My personal favorite with twice as much almond flavor to satisfy all your nutty desires!

Passion (8 pack)

  • Almond Main Ingredients: Organic Coconut Milk,  Organic Par Boiled Whole Bulgur Wheat, Almond Milk, Almonds, Almond Extract, Vanilla Extract, Cane Sugar

    Contains: Milk

    Calories: 110


     Two Servings: 4 oz

    Total Fat: 11%  (7g)

    Cholesterol: 0mg

    Carbohydrate: 7% (20g)

    Protein: 5g

    Sodium: 3%  (60mg)

    4% VitA                  0% VitC
    20% Calcium        8% Iron

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